Frequently Asked Questions - General

Initial requirements

You have some idea of the research or information you'd like to see. We discuss together what might be doable and develop the vision.


We agree on what specifically will be done, and details such as timing, payment, and results format.


Often there is a creation phase, during which your custom project is designed and verified. Alternatively, your project may be similar to an existing project and require very little additional development.

Research / Discovery / Acquisition / Extraction / Analysis

We carry out the agreed tasks, and if longer than one day, email you a daily status report.

Delivery and Support

We deliver the results including any reports.  We provide support for any questions you might have with regard to interpreting the results.


If there are recurring tasks, we continue.

We're more than a simple web-to-database extraction service.

We have the tools and experience to handle structured and unstructured data, JavaScript, and issues of speed, bandwidth, and IP address.  We understand inconsistent HTML and character-set encoding, requirements of authorization and authentication and more.

We apply advanced parsing and validation to every data extraction to avoid run-together fields, unwanted spaces or broken punctuation or garbled international characters.  We check for things like numbers that look like Zip Codes but aren't, missing or misplaced fields, and other easy to occur issues of inconsistent data.

Our search software goes beyond Google, Yahoo or MSN, seeking within results for information matching your specific requirements and then returning that information or using it to extend the search.

We have advanced classification, clustering, phonetic and fuzzy matching and much more in our text and data-mining toolkit to meet your needs.

And we listen and make sure the results we deliver make sense to you.

Our clients' privacy and our integrity are of the utmost importance.

Your project details, queries, results and personal information will never be shared with anyone else.

All searches, data-extraction, etc., performed on your behalf preserve your anonymity unless otherwise specified. For instance, monitoring or extracting data from a business competitor's website provides no indication of your interest.

An exception would be the case of extracting contact information on your behalf from an association directory using your login credentials to access non-public information which has been made available to you.