From Search to Discovery

Tools like Google help us to search, but what about discovery? It's easy to search for a business or type of business you have in mind, but how best to discover related businesses, or even what those relations might be? Search focuses within the context, whereas discovery expands the context. Search confirms, discovery surprises.

Expanding the context

  • Rerunning the same search daily, weekly or monthly and comparing results enables discovery of trends, ascenders and decliners, and new arrivals.
  • Expanding the search, for instance over a geographic region, enables discovery of patterns of proximity and relatedness by location, and even identification of valuable gaps that return no search results at all.
  • Query expansion by zip code (and even further by valid street name within a particular zip code), by synonyms/hypernyms/hyponyms (not just "flowers" but "plants", "begonias" or "petunias"), or by requerying using key terms and named entities recognized from previous results, are techniques that can expand the search context automatically, consistently and tirelessly.
  • Leveraging social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, enables discovery in the social context of new contacts, ideas, and not just the "pull" of search but synergistic interactions that are inherently unpredictable. These processes too can be automated to run repeatedly and efficiently.

"It's hard for corporations to understand that creativity is not just about succeeding. It's about experimenting and discovering." —Gordon Mackenzie

The high cost of not knowing

In today's world of accelerating change, it's increasingly vital that any enterprise be aware of not only its own processes but also its environment of competitors, customers, suppliers, and industry or technology trends. And while human resources become more expensive, computing and data technology become more affordable and accessible.

Natural language processing and advanced automation now allow software to do much the same work as a knowledgeable assistant, reliably and tirelessly performing data acquisition, aggregation, comparison, analysis and evaluation and reporting to you in a format and on a schedule that meets your needs.

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