About Aware Research

Aware Research is a privately held technology company based in Santa Barbara, California. We're passionate about making information more available and actionable for our clients.

With the rising flood of information on the Internet and other public, private and governmental sources, we see increasing opportunities for advanced tools and methods that drill down and follow the path to data that matters most to you. In a strong sense, our services precisely complement the popular search engines and general data providers.

These huge providers expend massive resources to crawl most of the web, and then index and rank that content according to the most popular search interests. The returned results (at most a few hundred out of the many thousands possible) are dominated by the imperative to provide the greatest good for the greatest number.

We work to turn this on its head—taking advantage of these same massive data resources and more, and rather than select for aggregate interests, we expand the search to uncover more that matches your interests. There is a natural cost for this, in terms of additional processing by machines or humans, and the big search engines and data providers can never afford to have it both ways.

With our methods you can specify capitalization (useful when dealing with acronyms), whether or not terms appear together in the same sentence, whether terms are near the top or the bottom of the document, and much more. We can follow (or ignore) synonyms, hyponyms or hypernyms and lexemes [Yes, it does get geeky sometimes] and use part of speech to differentiate between the same word used as a noun or a verb.

With our proprietary query expansion we go beyond the usual search engine limits so you can get thousands of web pages matching your specifications, including external qualifiers such as demographics, econometrics, climate, etc.

And there isn't space here to go into change detection, clustering, visualization and many other aspects of smarter search and discovery.

Finally, we believe in the vital importance of human intelligence to the enterprise. Computer technology is a tool, amplifying—but not replacing—the intelligence of the operator. If and when technology provides "artificial intelligence" with awareness and sophistication comparable to human, we'll be among the first to hire an AI. Until then, we'll keep on improving and applying our tools to your requirements for focused research and targeted information.