Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence involves the gathering and analysis of actionable information pertaining to the external business environment, applicable to early identification of risks and opportunities in the market in order to yield a competitive edge. It is not to be confused with business espionage, which is unethical and usually illegal.


  • what are people selling?
  • what price are they charging?
  • what activities are they conducting for promoting this product?
  • where are they selling this product?
  • what is their sales force structure?
  • what are people saying about us, our products and our competitors?


  • detection and prediction of product, technology and market trends
  • identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the competitive landscape

Depending on the nature of your business and market, information available online may be considered primary, as with airlines constantly adjusting pricing in response to the actions of their competitors, or secondary, serving to direct attention toward areas needing further investigation.

Whether it's information gathering, analysis, or change/trend detection, Aware Research offers advanced software tools and methods that can help.

Women-Owned Businesses on the Move

A business woman, and leader in her community, worked to promote the growth of woman-owned businesses in her area. To amplify her efforts and help make her case, she required substantial data.

Aware Research went to work, extracting data on local businesses, with focus on NAICS code, estimated employees, estimated sales, and identification of each company's executive or owner.

Aggregate analysis by type of business, related to number of employees and annual sales, identified some key areas of interest differentiating (on average) the businesses run by women from others.

Graphical data visualization for a few presentation slides completed the task.

The client was pleased with her results.  We were pleased to help her and her cause.

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