Authority Search

Authority Search

A business person seeking technical expertise, a journalist needing a knowledgeable source, a market researcher looking for expert opinions—how best to discover and select authorities within a particular domain? 

Authors, speakers, conference organizers, patent holders, association leaders, award winners… the list of potential sources extends on and on.  To go with simple popularity would be only following the crowd, but who has the resources to perform exhaustive search and discovery and establish criteria for ranking and meet deadlines?

Aware Research applies advanced software tools and methods to your needs for focused research and targeted information.  Let us know if we may help.

Who's Who?

A manufacturer of a new robotics technique needed a list of key influencers in the field. While standard mailing lists are available by industry classification, they provide names only of top management rather than top scientists or engineers.

With Aware Research, this client was able to specify search and extraction for a comprehensive list of names consisting of inventors of patents, authors of papers, heads of laboratories and members of robotics associations.

The quality and precision of these leads paid off well in providing a realistic sense of who's who in the field and who best to approach.

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